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Choose the Write

By Olivia Knudeson

I'm the kind of girl that writes during class instead of doodling—not write poems and stuff but actually drawing letter forms and words, even paragraphs. But I'm of the minority in this regard. Statistics prove it. These days we mostly type and text, send christmas cards without signing even out names; kids are taught more keyboarding than penmanship. We use online planners and electric greetings. It's not uncommon to hear "I have bad handwriting." Experts say, "Oh no! Handwriting will be lost forever!" Others (famous scientists) say, "A magical future is ahead—no writing or reading will be needed.

I say, everything's gonna be all write. well, the history behind our written language is too rich to destroy, I've only caught a bit of it for you in this gallery. And not only that—but along with DIY and handmade drift, a certain "electronic boycott" has swept our U.S. culture. Soon enough, it will drip down into school systems ad even into your homes. It can sink into your soul this day if you let it.