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Face Value

by Abigale Palmer

Have you ever passed a stranger on the street or in a car and wondered why does he/she look sad, happy, angry, depressed? What happened in her life today? What is their family like, or their home, or their past? These are questions I ask myself everyday. One day I could never have spoken to a person, and the next day after conversing with them I appreciate them and their life and story so much more. Their story was there before I heard it, but only after I know it is it important to me, are they important to me. Only then can I find a way to relate them to me more than just their physical presence. This is what my project is about. Strangers. Taking people on face value. These paintings in watercolor are from images I have taken while abroad. Strangers I saw and was interested in their story, intrigued by their appearance or age, but did not have the opportunity to communicate verbally with. By painting their images I invest time in them, I get to know them visually and they become important to me and have a story for me, even if it is only one that I have created. In investing time in them visually I am still acknowledging their presence and importance to this world.