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Heroes and Squares

by Art Morrill and Cole Walker

Art Morrill:
Ordinary people do incredible things without recognition or acknowledgment. By putting a mask on an ordinary person's face the viewer is forced to re-consider that individual in a new light and contrast them to the stereotypical super-hero we see in comic books and the movies. The range of people who are familiar with the conventional super-hero is then forced to reconsider what makes a person great. Although my use of ink harks somewhat to the comic book technique it is contrasted by unconventional use of negative space, placement and design thus re-enforcing the notion that this work is going against what makes a typical super hero.

Cole Walker:
Through life experience and lessons learned we become rigid and unmoving in our opinions and ideas. A is right and B is wrong. C is okay, but D is best. This type of thinking leads us to be narrow and closed off in our interactions with others. My work represents both the rigidity of the human condition and the problems that result as well as the smooth polished people that we can become. The decision of whether we are rigid or smooth is made on a daily basis with each interaction and challenge placed before us.