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We Did it Jim

This installation is an intimation of my feelings concerning the faith and fortitude of the early pioneers in crossing the west and settling the Salt Lake Valley. The nails, collected from old farms and mining facilities around Utah, form the route taken by the pioneers from Nauvoo to the Salt Lake valley. The video is of the Great Salt Lake, the saints’ final destination. It is accompanied by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing Shenandoah, a classic folk song about crossing the Missouri river to a distant land. The title “We Did It Jim” is in reference to Brigham Young and the Vanguard Company’s encounter with famed mountain man Jim Bridger. Upon learning that the saints intended to settle the Salt Lake Valley, Bridger remarked that he would pay a thousand dollars for the first bushel of corn raised in that barren valley. 164 years later, I like to consider the outcome of such a bet. Yes, we did it Jim.

-Davey Hawkins