Information for Artists

So You Think You Want to Hang A Show?

1. Review the document Exhibiting in the DVA Galleries
2. After you submit your proposal, in a few days, you should receive an email from the gallery.
If that does not happen, please contact the gallery at
3. As the date of the exhibition approaches, you need to do a few things:
  • At the beginning of the month that you are exhibiting, prepare one image of your show at email it to the gallery. This is for the gallery monthly newsletter.
  • Meet with gallery Manager, Jason Lanegan, at least two weeks prior to your show.
  • Email title card info, vinyl sign info, and artist statement at least ONE WEEK before installing your show.
  • Your vinyl sign should be created on the template attached at the bottom of this document. The vinyl is about 1 foot wide.
4. Before hanging your show (about a week before your installation), visit the gallery and discuss with gallery staff to make sure everything is ready for your installation. If you have special needs for your show, this is a great time to bring it up.
5. After your show is hung and displayed, don't forget to document your show!
6. Please email the gallery 3-5 images of the show. We use these to document shows on this website and for our records.

Please review Exhibiting in the DVA Galleries for more detailed information.

Thursday, November 29, 2012