Information for Artists

Priority for Exhibitions in the HFAC

Exhibition proposals are accepted at all times, however, there is a priority scheduling system in place:

  • During the third week of February, the Spring & Summer terms are scheduled (May-August)
  • During the third week of June, the Fall semester is scheduled (September-December)
  • During the third week of October, the Winter semester is scheduled (January-April)

Please keep in mind that BFA and MFA Shows are given priority, and that some dates are already reserved for annual student & faculty shows and/or other department sponsored events.

The following list is representative of the order in which show proposals will be considered:

  1. Department Sponsored Annual Exhibitions
    A member of the Advisory Counsel, Department Chair, or Associate Chair will bring these exhibitions to the committee.
  2. MFA and BFA final exhibitions
    It will be understood that these exhibitions are the ones the students are using to meet the requirements of graduation and that it will be their sole exhibition being presented.
    1. Priority will be given on needed space for exhibition 1st [i.e. if 2 students apply for Gallery 303 at the same time where one is an installation artist and the other a traditional painter priority will be given to the installation artist for the painter can exhibit in another area]
    2. Priority will be determined by time of proposal submission 2nd [i.e. if 2 students apply for the same location at the same time and both are working in the same media priority will be given to the one who submitted their application 1st]
    3. Priority may be determined on level of preparedness for exhibition, where the committee may choose to speak with the student’s advisor/committee chair.
  3. Exhibitions tied to curriculum
    These include visiting artists, exhibitions of work by a course, student independent study exhibitions, shows organized by classes, and the like.
  4. Other exhibitions proposed by Students and Faculty
    Exhibitions that do not fit in the above categories.