Information for Artists

Rules and Procedures for Visual Arts Workshop B315

Priority for Shop use: The primary use of the shop is for the construction of display items for use in gallery exhibitions. At times the shop will be used to store and jury art for department sponsored exhibitions. Depending on the nature of the work and space needed the shop may not be available for use at those times. During the posted hours DVA students may use the shop for the construction of items needed for work in DVA courses. Faculty/classes are encouraged to schedule times to use the shop with the student shop technician.

Check In: Whether the door is locked or unlocked, you must check in with the gallery staff (office located in the back of the shop) before using equipment.

Shop fee: There are fees to use the shop. Fees vary depending upon tools and materials used. You can pay all fees associated with shop use in B315 with the assistance of the gallery staff. All fees must be paid with your BYU signature card.

Sign off your card: When you pay your semester shop fees you will be given a card as both a receipt and record of training. On the back is a list of equipment that you need to be trained on and then have checked off before using. Your card must be signed by Jason Lanegan, John Adams, or another class instructor.

Clean up: You are required to clean up after yourself each time you use the shop. This entails that you throw away all debris, sweep up sawdust, and put tools and equipment away in its designated place whether or not that’s where you found it. There are labels to help direct you where tools belong. Not cleaning up will result in a termination of your privilege to use the shop.


  1. No open toed shoes are to be worn in the shop
  2. All long hair must be tied back
  3. Safety glasses must be worn when operating power tools
  4. Never work on tools you have not been trained on
  5. Please ask for assistance if you need help

Shop Hours: There are open hours for the shop, posted on the door and here.Any use of the shop outside of these hours needs to be cleared ahead of time through Jason Lanegan. Please be aware that there are some DVA classes that have the shop reserved during their class period. If you have questions about using the shop at specific times, see the gallery staff.

Gallery 303 Phone # - 422-2881

Jason Lanegan Phone # - 422-2882